I figured… what better way to mark my 50th post, than with 50 of my ‘best bits’. For the curators!

Tweets on Teams

Behind every great person is quality support. In most cases that means a cohesive team; peer-to-peer learning at its centre @ASCommsTweeter

You don’t live in a vacuum. Your success is intrinsically linked with others @ASCommsTweeter

Respect is earned. It comes from consistent delivery of intelligence that makes a difference to every day operations @ASCommsTweeter

A senior leader’s attention is not a light switch. They listen when you prove you are worth listening to @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Leadership

Sometimes it’s what you don’t say that is important. Good leaders listen first. The trick is picking your moment @ASCommsTweeter

As a Comms Pro you are in the best position to show the business how they can behave differently @ASCommsTweeter

Foster failure for fear of mediocrity – trial and error should become your mantra @ASCommsTweeter

The key to engagement is ‘involvement’, but you won’t get it unless you are genuine. You can not fake it @ASCommsTweeter

Thought leadership is not about what you say, how you say it, or who you say it to, it’s about why you say it @ASCommsTweeter

Being a thought leader means backing yourself & sometimes also requires giving up a little competitive advantage to prove it @ASCommsTweeter

To lead you have to have a dream. To succeed, you must have a plan to turn your dream into reality @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Social

No longer is it acceptable for the internal owner of social to have their budget determined by what’s left over @ASCommsTweeter

A scary social media secret – Twitter is not about Tweeting… @ASCommsTweeter

You cannot afford to have a fragmented social media strategy – it’s redundant @ASCommsTweeter

Culture manifests online as much as it does in real life @ASCommsTweeter

Getting ‘social’ right, means not getting it wrong. This largely depends on you knowing where to begin @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Creative, Ideas & Innovation

Ideas should flow like champagne pyramids, seamlessly between cascaded glasses, where one feeds the other & so on @ASCommsTweeter

Picture this – it’s not what you write; it’s what they see! @ASCommsTweeter

We are not simply in the business of attracting someone’s interest, that’s what flashing lights do. We are about influencing @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Relationships

Being a mentor is an attitude, not a job title @ASCommsTweeter

Trust is the new world currency and it forms more readily in a community because there is more accountability @ASCommsTweeter

You don’t need grey hair to have a great mind @ASCommsTweeter

Building trust online takes time, and relationships forged in community – even longer @ASCommsTweeter

Be a human. Take the time to build relationships, beyond the superficial. Let the computers talk to computers @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on ROI

For a Comms Pro, time is coded into our genetics… It’s the drumbeat that sets a rhythm for our day @ASCommsTweeter

You don’t simply want to be a source of information – you want to be a trusted advisor who helps them process it @ASCommsTweeter

Using social is a way to engage better, but also a way to take that engagement & innovate to tangibly add to the bottom line @ASCommsTweeter

Learning is interactive, not passive @ASCommsTweeter

Fostering authenticity in communications is the quickest way to driving better outcomes because so few organisations do it @ASCommsTweeter

How do I define value? It needs to be quantifiable. Soft benefits, even though they’re hard to define, are still benefits @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on PR & Marketing

Good PR is like the wind, you know it’s there, but you can’t see it. The proof is in the silently cruising yacht @ASCommsTweeter

Its stealthy cloak, the very thing that makes PR valuable, is also the thing that leaves it open to criticism @ASCommsTweeter

#Commspro: Your responsibility has to be to use your key messaging map as the sheet music & your team as the choir @ASCommsTweeter

Want to make a serious difference with your PR? It’s more about being Purposefully Communicative than Politically Correct @ASCommsTweeter

Respect is what you sell as a communicator & you only get it when you’ve been down in the trenches & have a few scars @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Brand

Your individual, external brand has never been more under the spotlight @ASCommsTweeter

Life and business is not about the individual, but the strength of the individuals as a collective @ASCommsTweeter

You should be active on social, yes, but organisations pay huge sums to humanise their brands, don’t forget that’s the point @ASCommsTweeter

#PR people: Don’t confuse Public with Media and don’t confuse Internal with Insular @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Content

You can’t just make someone responsible for content creation… you must invest in the right people to create it @ASCommsTweeter

You have to invest in original thinking & material with a methodology for its dissemination @ASCommsTweeter

Content must be harnessed in consultation with key audiences. They need to be a part of the plan @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Strategy

We live in a highly politicised world that would fall into anarchy if we all just did what we wanted, or what made us feel good @ASCommsTweeter

‘Economies of knowledge’ work in much the same way as ‘economies of scale’ @ASCommsTweeter

Communication is about motivation. You try and initiate a response of some kind because that is what makes it two-way @ASCommsTweeter

The medium isn’t the message. The explosion of social doesn’t negate the need for other forms of “traditional engagement” @ASCommsTweeter

There is a lot of sense to collaborative academic partnerships. Social media holds the key to unleashing their potential @ASCommsTweeter

Tweets on Internal comms

It’s impossible to have a comprehensive public relations plan if your, or your client’s staff, aren’t a central tenant of it @ASCommsTweeter

The best corporate cultures have internal comms programs. The best PR strategies leverage the healthiest corporate cultures @ASCommsTweeter

A key benefit of a Community Manager is their ability to cultivate the community from within! It forms your external persona @ASCommsTweeter

– My name is Aaron Crowther. Follow me on Twitter @ascommstweeter

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