I was recently invited to be a Linkedin Publishing Contributor. Writing about Content Marketing seemed a pretty good place to start

Content Marketing is THE hot topic at the minute. Below are my first six posts on Linkedin about the phenomenon. There is a big difference between those doing it properly, and the pretenders. If you are serious about Content Marketing, you simply must get your head around it.

1) Content that starts conversations

Content has to be outcome oriented. It has to initiate conversation. It should work like Dominoes as they fall into one another, not indiscriminately, but strategically, to create a pattern that was planned in advance. There are three key things it must have in order to do this.

2) What is vision-scoping and why does it matter to your content?

How do you cultivate creativity as a way of thinking? How do you harness it? How do you create a vision that enables your strategy? There are three things to keep in mind.

3) How do you tie your content back to your vision?

Deloitte CMO David Redhill talks about ‘content’ as ‘courtship’. It’s such a powerful concept because it highlights the significance of ‘relationship’. This understanding is critical for three main reasons.

4) How to best collaborate when creating your content

There are a variety of theories and broad assumptions out in the Blogosphere about collaboration, but not as much implementable advice about how to establish self-perpetuating content programs that cultivate organic co-created material. Here are my top three tips!

5) Content cakewalk – sharing your stories the right way

Only 29 per cent of Australian marketers believe their content marketing is effective and distribution is one of the top challenges to overcome in remedying this. Fortunately with the right tools and processes, this becomes far less daunting. My three tips to making sure your content investment pays off.

6) Defining ‘relationship’…

There are certain things that you must be able to articulate if you’re to deliver a value that will cultivate deeper, richer relationships. My three pieces of advice.

– My name is Aaron Crowther. Follow me on Twitter @ascommstweeter

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